Don’t Just Visit - Rent It: Impress your friends, your date, your support group

Every Saturday night, something magical happens: you and your booze-hound friends have three exciting new ways to laugh and drink your sorrows away. Our upstairs cocktail lounge features three themed bars, each with its own unique flavor.

After a hard day's hunt, gather your clan and head to a place a little less civilized. Show off your voodoo skills over a wide range of local and craft beers and rum-filled refreshments guaranteed to prevent rational thought.

Which is more romantic, moonlight or candlelight? Bring your date to our secluded hideaway and find out for yourself, at our cozy indoor tables or outdoor balcony. Featuring our finest drinks for your special someone.

Where the women swear like sailors and the sailors know what they like. Spend your shore leave wisely, with lively conversation and drinks stiffer than the plank you'll be walking later. Temptation calls, will you answer?