All About Us (or at least the parts we feel like sharing)

Sustaining Mental Health Since 2003, Psycho Suzi’s has been lighting up Nordeast Minneapolis with a passive- aggressive mixture of bad taste and good Minnesota hospitality. Read on to see what makes us tick (but don't look too close, or you’ll lose an eye, mister).

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Main Bar
Main Bar Main Bar Main Bar Main Bar
Riverfront Patio
Riverfront Patio Riverfront Patio Riverfront Patio Riverfront Patio
Shangri-La Shangri-La Shangri-La Shangri-La

Psycho Suzi's is many things -- a hideout for shady characters, a rest stop on the road to oblivion, a desination for bachelorette parties and nefarious conspiracies alike. But mostly it's an updated tiki bar for a crass and cynical age, a running gag that never needs a punch line (but could definitely use some rum-spiked punch).

We take lovingly-remembered tiki bar history, a healthy helping of tattoo culture, several measures of kitsch, a dash of voodoo and a passion for good times, stick them all in a blender and hit Liquify. The result is a feast for the senses, which is to say some senses will be pleased and others horrified. Either way, you'll remember us (or a vague blur that you will think was us).

Put another way: yes, we are a tiki bar, but as Suzi likes to say, "Your petty concerns of authenticity are irrelevant." We're here to have a good time with bad taste and amazing things to eat and drink, and we hope you are too.

Do you take reservations?
Aren't you the little planner! We do not take reservations, but we are built to accomodate large groups. So come on in and pull up a chair!

Do you allow minors into the restaurant?
During the day we like to keep the place family-friendly. At night the freaks come out, and we start carding at the door by 9pm. Any minors that enter before 9pm should be on their merry way by 10pm.

Where can I order Gift Cards? Where can I order merchandise?
You can find a huge pile of questionable items on our online store at, and at our merch counter at the restaurant.

Are dogs allowed on the patio?
Suzi loves dogs as much as the next girl! Dogs are allowed on the patio if they are on a leash and well-behaved. No other furry friends are allowed, so please leave your marmot at home.

What do you do for birthdays?
We like to have cake fights and pass out on the lawn, but that's just us. On your actual birthday you get a free "Birthday Drink" of our own design, or if you’re not into that, a tap beer of your choice.